Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arrival in Mendoza

I arrived in Mendoza last night to the welcome of my host family, Rosita and Manuel. They are very hospitable and sweet. Today I saw many places in the city of Mendoza and met Rosita and Manuel's granddaughter and grandson. They are 3 and 5. It's been fun and exciting and interesting, but very tiring! Sometimes communicating in Spanish comes easily, but other times it is more difficult and awkward. It all depends on how tired I am at the moment and what the subject is.

I'm settling in well and looking forward to starting my life here in Mendoza!


  1. I have confidence that you will adjust just fine. I am sure you are VERY tired. Did you enjoy some of the lovely wine from the region yet?

  2. Oh, some of your classmates have joined my FB. They found me through the MENDOZA IFSA-BUTLER FALL 2009 group on FB. :-)

    Don't forget that you can look at my Flickr, or my blog if you get lonesome for home. Let me know if you need the links.