Monday, July 27, 2009

Los Piropos son graciosos.

..."Que linda, bonita"... Piropos are the cat-calls that Argentine men like to murmur to women passing on the street. They're harmless and graciosos (amusing/funny). Also, they aren't as obnoxious as I thought they would be because they really are murmured. Women give them to men also. The correct reaction is to keep walking normally, and that is exactly what I did today when I went for a run in the park and then walked back to my house.

Today is gorgeous! It's not as cold as it has been; I think the cold-front has gone. El parque general de San Martin is beautiful. There's trees everywhere, and many activities-- including a zoo! Today I ran and walked the circuito lago (lake circuit)-- a 2500 meter path for runners and walkers around the lake. I'm happy that it is very common and relatively safe to go for runs outside here.

My Spanish is already improving, I think. I'm getting used to the common speach patterns and expressions of Argentina. As I was doing a sudoku during breakfast, I realized that I was thinking of the numbers in Spanish-- "me falta un cinco..." haha!

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