Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Estoy en Buenos Aires Ahora

My 10-hour flight across the equator is complete, and I'm now at the end of an exciting 1st day. My flight arrived at about 7am. The group of us that were on that flight met and got a ride to the Hotel de Las Americas. It's a beautiful, nice hotel with friendly staff (and wireless!!)

After a much-needed shower, the students from other flights had arrived, and we had our welcome lunch at the hotel restaurant-- salad, a beef dish with a creamy mustard sauce, potatoes and fruit salad.

Following lunch, some of us went strolling through Buenos Aires. Our hotel is in the center of the city, near La Plaza Libertad y La Plaza de Mayo. It was wonderful to just step outside and take it all in. We had another group stroll in-between our evening orientation sessions.

Our Program Director Jose is wonderful. Very outgoing, laid-back and knowledgeable...and funny! I can already tell that he is a talented cultural liason.

La cena, which started at 9:30 and ended at 11:30, was at a trendy pizza-place called Pizza Pialo. The food was tasty as well-- highly recommended to anyone headed this way.

The pizza was thin crusted and in many flavors, such as cheese and basil, artichoke and ham, arugula, and carmelized onion. It was preceded by an arugula-heavy spring mix salad and followed by tiramisu.

Tomorrow's plans include sightseeing around BA, more orientation and la discoteca. We should se the Mothers of the Disappeared (or Madres de La Plaza de Mayo), a group of women who have been marching and protesting for over 30 years against the dissapearances of their loved ones caused by the former military government.

Estoy muy, muy cansada y tengo que dormir...hasta luego.

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  1. I Googled your hotel and managed to find a few pictures. I also saw online the The Place of May. Have you seen the Panuelo De Las Madres symbol? I think they are quite common to see, even as graffiti. Try and get a picture, ok? That is a very interesting subject to learn about. I bet seeing it (the symbols and the places) will make your books on the subject come more alive.

    After all the exciting things to see and do, I bet you are tired- Hasta Luego!